When I Ask For Fire

I have always asked for fire to be found within my soul.
A prayer and a plea for passion.
But what I am realizing recently is that fire always hurts.
Its flame burns away all which God sees as an enemy of divine love.
His flame targets my idols; it targets those whom I love.
In the beginning I am left bare. The pain of loss overcomes me.
I become a dead man for a season.
Yet I know this:
The ashes from will soon reveal gold.
And my aching heart will soon be a beating one.
Beating with blood few on earth will flow with
the blood of a singular love for God.

In the furnace of love, everything is flammable.

And I have entered the furnace of my unrelenting Lover.

Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.

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