True Belief

We don’t believe something by merely saying we believe it, or even when we believe that we believe it. We believe something when we act as if it were true.

Dallas Willard

I remember a time I had a talk with my non-Christian dad to illustrate this very principle. I remember asking him whether he believed in God.

He responded, “of course I believe in God.”

I then said, “I don’t think you believe in God.

“I said I believe in God, I believe in God,” he responded.

I asked him, “You believe in gravity right?”

“Yes, I do”

I proceeded, “Then if you believe in gravity, you wouldn’t walk off of cliff right?”


“Well to be honest with you dad, based on the way you live your life, I can honestly assess that you don’t believe in God. Your belief in gravity leads you to not walk off a cliff. If you believed in God, you would live differently. In fact, you don’t believe in God.”

I said this not to shame my dad, but to illustrate something: that belief is tested in our actions, not in our words.

Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.

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