Quote of the Moment

A [church] building can become an artificial life support system that keeps a church alive even thought it died long ago

Neil Cole, in his book Organic Church

It is unfortunate that people measure the vibrancy of a church based on the physical building in which its people reside. We are often blinded by the fact that though the foundations of our church building may still be standing, the foundation of the peoples’ spirituality can be in shambles.

Let us not forget that the church is not a building, but a group of people. You think Jesus cares about the building as a measure of vibrancy and faithfulness, think again.

Celebrations of 20, 30, 90 years of existence are not worthy things to be celebrated if we cannot discern whether the people inside are still running spiritually and hot for God’s mission today or whether they are now limping and on life support.

Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.

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