Quote of the Moment

When the New Testament speaks of spirits, it recognizes the reality of a battle between the kingdom of God and evil spirits, a perspective depicted especially in the Gospels. Since there are both good spirits and bad, the church and individual Christians need to be able to discern the spirits (1 Cor 12:10, 14:2, 2 Cor 11:4, 1 Joh 4).

Veli-Matti Karkkainen

I think Karkkainen (my professor) makes an excellent point that has very impeccable application to the American church. He’s suggesting that we cannot afford to see the world through a materialistic-rationalist mindset which renders us oblivious to the spirits which are at work around us. In fact, the church that denies the presence and activity of evil spirits denies a large essence of Jesus’ very ministry– conquering the kingdom of Satan by the finger of God.

Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.

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