Prophetic Healing Testimony

Today at my Life Group at church, were were teaching on “prophetic prayer”. I’ve seen it done before but this is the first time I was learning it. Basically the difference between prophetic prayer and “normal” prayer is that you’re a lot more passive in how you pray for one another.

What I mean by that instead of asking each other how we can pray for each other, we just sit there in silence and wait for the Holy Spirit to give us to things to pray for one another. Normal prayer is awesome and great, but sometimes prophetic prayer reveals things to us that no one else could. It is an opportunity for us to jump into faith, believing that God will show us supernatural things when we put our trust in him.

I’ve heard really crazy cool testimonies about prophetic prayers, where people would get impressions or visions of people’s deep past that’s affecting their current situations and getting delivered from it. I’ve heard where people, after praying, would walk up to people and tell them something so private about their life that only God would know and then bridged an opportunity for Christ to work.

Well, today was the day I would get my own experience.

So we were praying for our brother Henry. And by praying, I mean sitting there and waiting on the Lord.

I was sitting there, waiting and waiting, trying to press into the Spirit. I was semi-afraid that by the time we were done waiting I would be the only one without anything to say. So I’m there seeking and trying to listen to the Lord, and then suddenly my head started pounding.

I was like oh man, why does my head hurt so much all the sudden?! It was a headache that I’ve never gotten before. It wasn’t constant, it was floating around and it definitely caught my attention.

Prayer ended and we asked each other what we got from the Lord.

I turned to Henry and asked him, “Dude, do you have like a headache or something?” He was like, “Yeah, I got a migraine.”


So then we laid hands on him and prayed over him. And then his headache was pretty much gone! Praise the Lord!!

(Thankfully, my ‘headache’ was gone too!)

So that was my first experience doing prophetic prayer!

Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.

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